We, Artificial Intelligence Research group at Matsuo Lab (aka WEBLAB), are looking for talented researchers / software engineers who have excellent foresight, leadership as well as practical development skills. Our AI research group is working on various highly “Real data” driven projects and our main mission is to solve tough problems by using / developing Artificial Intelligence, Web Mining, Big data analysis and Machine Learning technologies. As an Artificial Intelligence researcher / software engineer, you work in several teams collaborating closely with other researchers / engineers / students in and out of Matsuo Lab. The tasks you are going to deal with include 1) designing new algorithms, 2) developing applications, 3) technical survey, 4) building & managing HPC environments, 5) building hardwares, 6) mentoring / teaching and 7) project management, depending on your experiences and aptitudes.



Researcher Position

  • Designing, developing, validating on novel Deep Learning algorithms
  • Implementing libraries which can be used for various projects
  • Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Web Mining, NLP, Image Processing or Robotics
  • Publishing papers on conferences such as; AAAI, IJCAI, ACL, WWW, ICML, NIPS, ICLR, etc.
  • Teaching

Software Engineer Position

  • Heavy commit on application development
  • Linux server management (including GPU servers)
  • Network management
  • System designing
  • Mentoring

Common responsibilities for both positions

  • Application developments on various projects
  • Technical survey
  • Project management

Minimum qualifications

Researcher Position

  • PhD in Computer Science / Informatics or related technical discipline
  • Experiences of designing machine learning algorithms
  • Outstanding publications in one of the following research areas; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Web Mining, NLP, Image Processing or Robotic

Software Engineer Position

  • Residence: living in Japan (Tokyo)
  • Linux server management, virtualization technologies
  • Systems design experience with Unix/Linux.

Common qualifications for both positions

  • Outstanding experiences in Python (Numpy, Scipy)
  • SQL / NoSQL (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Git, Debuggers
  • Modern communication tools; Slack, Google Drive, Trello, etc.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experiences of developing Deep Learning algorithms
  • Experiences in Distributed computing, CUDA, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Theano, Caffe, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Development skills on embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc)
  • Mobile / Web app development

Working Environment

The University of Tokyo and its facilities:We believe that the University of Tokyo is one of the most interesting places for working in Japan. You can find the interesting mixture of culture, modern architectures and abundant nature here even in the center of Tokyo. There are many important facilities empower our productivities such as; Starbucks, convenience stores, relaxing parks, a breath-taking pond, even gym, and landmarks on the campus.

Diversity of lab members:Our lab consists of a number of experienced researchers, engineers and students from various countries such as Switzerland, United States and Spain, Chile, China, Taiwan and Brazil. Don’t worry about communication with us!

Modern lab environment:We have a series of modern, well-designed office rooms which maximize our performance and let us focus on our projects.

Modern HPC environment:We have a number of GPU / non-GPU servers for our projects. The experienced HPC team maintains the highly virtualized HPC environment which allows researchers / engineers to focus on their work and make it possible to conduct rapid development.