Our Mission

Our lab aims to make a social innovation through three main activities research and development, human resource development, practical application of AI technologies, and move forward six actions below; “development of new technologies”,”publication”, “education”,”forming community”, “colaborative research”, “creation of Start-ups”.

Research & Environment

Fundamental Research

We research Deep Learning and data analysis using data mining for enhancing AI technologies. Recently, we regard Deep Learning as prior technology and entry point of true AI (= hard AI),  and set it as main part of our research.  Prof. Matsuo was in charge of Track Chair of Web Mining Track in 2014 and 2016, and our students repeatedly won the best research prize in engineering department in the University of Tokyo. Under this circumstance, students can decide their research topic and proceed research.

Computational Environment - HPC

We have HPC team for promoting deep learning technology going forward by latest computer technology. As we believe high-performance computer infrastructures plays a very important role in research, every member can use the environment.

Education & Community


We hold lectures focusing application of business and implementation, as well as theories, that enhance your skills.

Web Engineering: Learning the nature of Web engineering in terms of technologies and business. GCI: Learning data science and researching consumption. DL: Studying both theories and implementation of Deep Learning. etc.- SEE MORE

Community & Research Groups

We hold a reading circle and independent meetings; PRML, generative model, and reinforcement learning study meeting.  We also have communities, GCI, Deep Learning Seminar, and DL Hacks, for encouraging each other both inside and outside of lab.

Joint Research

The Matsuo Laboratory conducts diverse joint research. We aim to bring great value to society by adapting the latest research and technology to business.  And we accelerate research and development by utilizing the abundance and practical data of companies. – SEE MORE


One of the most important missions of the Matsuo laboratory is to create a new industry ecosystem by releasing venture entrepreneurship and returning new technologies to society. We support entrepreneurs regardless of students, teachers and staff.  Many members in our lab involved in starting venture companies.