There are several ways to enroll in Matsuo Lab.
(We do not accept any special non-degree students except MEXT Scholarship students and interns.)



Program for Social Innovation – PSI(Undergrad)

Freshmen and sophomores of UTokyo (or transfer students from other universities to Bachelor course of UT) firstly proceed to PSI (Program for Social Innovation, Faculty of Engineering), then can be assigned to Matsuo Lab at the timing of laboratory assignment

Technology Management for Innovation – TMI (Master course)

1) For both Japanese and international students who graduate from a University in Japan

In order to be assigned to Matsuo Lab at the timing of laboratory assignment, you would need to pass the exam of TMI (Technology Management for Innovation, School of Engineering).

2) For international students except case 1)
We accept only MEXT Scholarship students.

Please see here for more information on the MEXT Scholarship.

After you get MEXT Scholarship, please contact us:


You must stay at Matuo Lab, as a special non-degree student a half year ahead of the entrance examination for master’s degree.

Technology Management for Innovation – TMI (Ph.D. course)

The application process for the Ph.D. program in Matsuo Lab for enrollment in October 2024 and March 2025 is outlined below:

  • Selection Period:
    • 1st Round: Late November 2023 to early January 2024
    • 2nd Round: Late March to early May 2024
      *Applicants from the 1st round may also apply in the 2nd round.
  • Selection Process:
    *The dates provided below are for the first round of recruitment. The schedule for the second round will be updated at a later time.

    1. If you are interested, please send your CV to both of the following email addresses.(Deadline: End of November 2023)
    2. Online interview with teachers and staff of the Lab (early to mid-December 2023)
      • Short online interviews, lasting approximately 15 to 30 minutes, will be conducted for discussions on research interests and consultations related to the application.
    3. Interview with Professor Matsuo(mid-December 2023 to early January 2024)
      • Based on the research proposal, a determination of acceptance or rejection will be made in a meeting with Professor Matsuo.
    4. Submit the application for TMI(Required)


Open Lab (Scheduled for Late March to April 2024)

The Open Lab event will include explanations about the Matsuo lab, presentations by several students about their research activities, and lab tours. We will update the website as soon as the details are finalized.