The University of Tokyo

Matsuo Lab

 Our Research Fields is Artificial Intelligence and Web Mining esp for Deep Learning. We have several research groups(GCI, Deep Learning JP etc) where we present and discuss on various topics in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, etc. Please Contact us if you have strong Interest for AI.

Web&AI: Matsuo Lab’s Activities
  1. Research : Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which will result is truly strong AI in the future. We are tackling for Deep Learning Research. Matsuo is the chair of the WWW Conference which is one of major Conference in the world.

  2. Education: GCI/AIL/Web Engineering & Business Model
  “Web Engineering & Business model is A Class of TMI for learning of Web Architecture. Chair of Global Consumer Intelligence is running for data science and Machine learning from 2014, which over 2 hundreds students has applied the class.
DeepLearning.JP is the one of the most strong Deep Learning community in Japan which is directed by Matsuo Lab.
  3. Outreach for Machine learning & Deep Learning

  Matsuo Lab co-operate with Japanese Government for promote social Innovation for Artificial Intelligence technology. Also Matsuo Lab Publish not only academic papers but also Book, News Articles etc.

  4. Collaborative Research with Enterprises
 We are running a lot of Collaborative Research in GCI Activities.
Enterprises has unique data which will result in unique contribution for Academic Field.
  5. Startup: Collaboration with Startups
 Matsuo Lab support Entrepreneurship. Matsuo Lab collaborate with Startups such as Gunosy, Readyfor, PKSHA Tech, OMA. Matsuo Lab support Money Forward Inc, Fincm BAI Inc etc. from technological perspective.