WEBLAB has an HPC team which aims to boost deep learning research using the latests advances in computing. We believe that a good infrastructure plays a critical role in research, thus we always try to provide our students and researchers with the most cutting-edge available technologies.

GPUs For Deep Learning

The GPU accelerator is now a crucial component for deep learning applications, as it can reduce the training time of neural networks from days to hours.

Students Equipment

At WEBLAB students and researchers get a workstation with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU.

Server Facilities

Our team maintains high grade servers with the fastest NVIDIA GPUs for deep learning available at the Market right now. We deliver multi-GPU environment with impressive speedups for machine learning applications.

GPU Type Amount
NVIDIA A100  1
NVIDIA V100  12
NVIDIA RTX A6000  10
Quadro RTX 8000 13
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti  2
Quadro P5000  6
GeForce GTX 1080  1
GeForce GTX 1070  11


WEBLAB has a special team for HPC and it consists of researchers and engineers who have experiences on working at supercomputer centres, GPU programming and maintaining a GPU server environment. We can provide assistance to improve performance in your deep learning models, and we will provide technical support for all issues you may experience.


A variety of support is available for a fulfilling research life.

  • Free purchase of books
  • think-cell (presentation software)
  • Daily necessities (refrigerator, water server, microwave oven, Nespresso machine, etc.)